A Privacy-First Payment Solution.

Bluecode never receives or stores any confidential banking or customer data, making it a completely anonymous and unsusceptible to security breaches.


Keep your data

Data privacy and protection assured. Expand your reach beyond apps and cards. Offer your customers fast, simple and secure ways to pay with their digital devices across many current and upcoming channels while monetizing every transaction.


Extend your business case

With an attractive value and service proposition and extremely competitive pricing and fee structures, Bluecode is an easy addition to your network.


Grow your business

No new POS device or QR required. Instant payment from any funding course. Barcodes can be read by any standard scanning device with a manual input option. Value for you and your customer. Start accepting digital payments that are fast and seamless.


Monetize your app

Monetize your app, product, or digital service by providing your customers with a better way to pay and earning an affiliate fee per transaction.


Simple and Secure

A natural extension of a daily paying experience. Works with both smartphones and feature phones. Can even function on and offline, so it makes paying anywhere that much easier.


Defend Your market

Not reliant on the old rails and legacy infrastructure. Interoperable domestic and international payment scheme, driving growth across business-, as well as SMME and Micro-enterprise development for financial inclusion.

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