Next Generation Mobile Payments

Bluecode is a mobile contactless payment, on the account rails of local financial institutions. No need for a card, or card schemes. Use any device to facilitate interoperability between banks and merchants.. The Bluecode SDK, resides within the banks existing customer journey without disrupting the bank brand, and enables any merchant pull or customer push payment interaction: Barcode, QR, E-Commerce, NFC, USSD, with value added services for the consumer, the merchant and the financial institution.

Pay quickly and securely via your mobile phone

Tier 1 to micro can provide their customers value added services from the mobile phone, such as discounts , vouchers, stamp passes, points, loyalty.  Every business should have the ability to add value for their customers, to retain and grow their business. Say goodbye to the unnecessary, with a digital solution that is moving the payment revolution forward.

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The Future Of Payments

We believe in a future with less cash and no cards. The better way to pay. The future of payments is about safer, more convenient, more cost- effective way to pay for everyone.

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