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Next Generation payments for Africa.

Bluecode is a digital P2B 4 party payment scheme.  We can provide complete interoperability of any digital payment and manage all of the interbank and payment management of a mature card scheme without a card.  Bluecode has product capabilities for the next generation technology, for markets concerned with instant payments, domestic and cross border payments as well as a mobile based secure payment ecosystem.

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Bluecode Africa offers the mobility and agility of P2P with the functional depth and merchant acquiring and value-added services of a card scheme – all on a mobile phone.  Bluecode resides in the bank’s channel with an SDK that offers another way to pay in the bank’s own channel with no need for the customer to download anything.  Smart and feature phone enabled Bluecode excludes no one.

Retail will integrate the Bluecode API into their ECR or POS or simply use the Bluescan app on any Android or IOS device.  This expands the reach well beyond cards and makes the SMME an acquirable and bankable business, increasing the size of the addressable market and providing small businesses with a digital payment and bank relationship otherwise out of reach.

Whether an issuer or an acquirer, bank or non-bank, Bluecode never sees customer information.  All customer information stays with the bank where it belongs.  Participating financial institutions can defend their customer relationship and expand the size of the addressable market.  Push or pull, barcode, QR or 8 digit token number, there is no payment interaction out of reach.

A better way to pay, for banks, SMEs and customers.

Smartphone and feature phone enabled
Token presents as a Barcode, QR Code, Dynamic or Static

More than paying.

Any large retail, to SMEs can provide their customer valued added services, such as discounts, vouchers and stamp passes, and all from a mobile device.  Every SME or SMME should have the right to add value, retain and grow their business by giving their customer more value. The app has the option to provide rewards for customers, and it doesn’t run on a card system. Say goodbye to the unnecessary, with a digital solutions that is moving the payment revolution.

The future of payments.

We believe in a future with reduced use of cash and cards. A safer way to transact. The future of payments is about safer, more convenient, more cost-effective way to pay for everyone.



Feature Phone

No data is ever transferred in the transaction

Secure like no other payment platform.

Paying with Bluecode is easy and secure. Personal data and information about the customer does not leave the bank. It is not stored anywhere, neither Bluecode nor on your phone. We are not in the business in the data. We are in the business of ensuring your payment is seamless, simple and secure.


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