Your security is our top priority.

Bluecode does not store any information about you or your bank account. Your data is always protected by meeting the highest security standards and strictest guidelines.



Secure at its core. Even if you lose your Smart or Feature phone.

Theft happens every day. But even in such cases, your data is protected by our security functions and blocking options.  Bluecode never carries customer data, so it cannot be hacked or stolen.  You can also block your account through your bank or which every account source where you opened your service account.

Safety functions

For additional protection in the app, you can set up a 4 or 6 digit security PIN code. Touch screen and Face ID available with Smartphone. Allowing customers to always pay quickly and securely.


Data security

Bluecode applies the so-called zero-knowledge principle. This ensures that we do not have any bank details at all, and neither do we save them on the phone or on servers nor anywhere else. As we do have any information about you as Bluecode, making our payment solution safe. We are not interested in selling customer data to third parties, because that’s not our business.